Mindfulness Meditation:

Exercise for your brain




Pulling from my speech-language pathology work as a cognitive therapist as well as eastern meditation concepts, I attempt to clarify the many misconceptions about meditation. These misconceptions often result in people finding it inaccessible, confusing & difficult - resulting in either not starting, or quitting a practice. It is my goal to make meditation concepts more practical & relevant to incorporate into many aspects of daily life as well as a tool in the cognitive-rehabilitation environments. 


I have taught mindfulness meditation for 15 years in academic environments, the corporate setting, rehabilitation, community and yoga centers. I practice sitting, walking, running, parenting and working with the mind of meditation.  

Weekly Virtual Mindfulness Group Practice | Mondays 6:30-7:00pm 

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PRIVATE SESSIONS CAN REALLY HELP! Having a hard time "getting" the concepts & getting yourself going? 

Contact me to set up one or more 1:1 sessions to increase your understanding, confidence and ability to actually sit down & practice this stuff. $100/hr for firming up your foundation & then join the group. 


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