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Mindfulness Meditation: Exercise for your brain




Pulling from my speech-language pathology work as a cognitive therapist as well as eastern meditation concepts, I attempt to clarify the many misconceptions about meditation. These misconceptions often result in people finding it inaccessible, confusing & difficult - resulting in either not starting, or quitting a practice. It is my goal to make meditation concepts more practical & relevant to incorporate into many aspects of daily life as well as a tool in the cognitive-rehabilitation environments. 


I have taught mindfulness meditation for 15 years in academic environments, the corporate setting, rehabilitation, community and yoga centers. I practice sitting, walking, running, parenting and working with the mind of meditation.  

1:1 Coaching | your mindfulness meditation foundation | $125/hr

Increase your understanding, confidence & ability to sit down & practice. More specific recommendations, helpful techniques, enthusiastic support & accountability can help you establish a regular & more productive practice. 


Weekly sitting & walking meditation | all levels welcome | free/donation

In person (or Zoom) mindfulness meditation group practice | Mondays 6:30-7:00pm 

Guided meditation, simple breathing exercise/body scan, silent meditation - send me a note through this website to get weekly reminder and zoom link

In person 30 minutes of silence mindfulness meditation group practice | Tuesdays 8:30-9am

led by Kimber or another member of our own Arlington Mindfulness Cooperative (AMC) - we are a collection of practitioners with a commitment to supporting others in their mindfulness practice. 

Trail walking meditation | Wednesdays 7:30-8:30am | Arlington's Great Meadow

meet at the trail head at the end of the cul-de-sac on Orchard Lane in Lexington (take Lowell St. to Sanderson Rd. to Orchard Ln). No registration required.

Brief explanation/guidance about mindful walking, poem/reading, breathing exercise, walking meditation 











Meditation by the Sea
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Stay present with Milo for 30 seconds

Mindfulness with Milo Challenge

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