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Green Room Outside Backpacking Trips for Women 

What happens when you put on a backpack, go outside and start walking down a trail? Your mind, body and spirit engage in the current moment. The excess slides away. You connect with the beauty around you - and in you.  

Designed for women, guided by women. We are inspiring, empowering, resilient and supportive. These trips are inclusive to all participants who identify as women. 


We've curated two types of backpacking trips along the Long Trail & Appalachian Trail in Vermont's Green Mountains designed to fit various experience and comfort levels. ​Each trip is 2 nights and 3 days, with six participants on each trip.

Cost: $800


This beginner-advanced trip is designed for participants who are looking to:

  • Camp in the same place both nights, which offers greater ease in hiking and a lighter pack

  • Enjoy extra time for mindfulness as we watch the light on the water at the edge of Stratton Pond, and notice the variety of plants, trees, roots and rocks.

  • Cover 17 miles of hiking (Day 1 = 4.5, Day 2 = 8 with lighter pack, Day 3 = 4.5)


This intermediate-advanced trip is designed for participants who are looking to:

  • Cover more miles and elevation and a full-day hiking on the trail

  • Experience "hiking meditation" and active movement 

  • Cover 20 miles of hiking (11 miles in one day with full pack on)

REGISTRATION FORM coming soon - send us an email if you would like to be put on the pre-registration list

Immerse Trip (Summer)
June 28-30



Immerse Trip (Fall)

September 13-15



Explore Trip (Summer)
July 12-14



Explore Trip (Fall)
September 27-29



What do I need to bring?

We have a detailed packing list that covers everything you need here.

Do I need to have a certain level of fitness?

Yes. We want you to feel comfortable and confident - while at the same time enjoying the challenge and adventure that is inherent in the experience of backpacking. In addition, everyone in the group affects everyone in the group - we are a team on the trail. We have provided some guidance here     And/or give us a call and we can help you!

How can I prepare?

Let us know if you need help in setting up a simple training plan for your hike. We are here for you!

What transportation is included?

All hikes include travel to and from the Arlington, MA area to the trailhead in Vermont (approx a 3.5 hr drive). We will meet at a location in Arlington at approx 7am, have a backpack/gear check to ensure packs and equipment are all set. We will plan to leave Arlington around 8am. In addition, we will stop on the way home at a favorite Vermont Farm Stand for an opportunity to purchase seasonal produce and amazing baked goods. 

What is the 'mindfulness plan'?

More to come soon on building your mindfulness trail mojo

Will the trail be busy?

Note that these hikes are Wed-Fri. This is to maximize solitude on a popular part of the Green Mountain National Forest. An added bonus is that when you get home you have the weekend to rest, recover & bask. 

Can I bring my own gear instead of rent?

Yes, absolutely - if you have gear you know you love, you can use it. However, all included equipment is high quality and lightweight to make this a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you. This is also an opportunity to try out different gear or before you invest in your own. 

What if the weather is bad?

Trips will run rain or shine. If the weather is dangerous (i.e., severe thunder storm, excessively strong winds) we will either cancel the trip or change itinerary. All hikes are subject to change in itinerary due to weather or if it is determined by the guide to be preferable or a more safe & enjoyable experience.

What about the social-emotional aspect of trips?

We encourage and expect kindness, positivity, and good vibes from everyone. We will support all hikers to find this within themselves to maximize the good group mojo. We support and encourage times of silence on the drive and the trail - there should be no stress, pressure or feeling that anyone has to make conversation, fill-in the silence or entertain others. While hiking, we practice noticing the vast spaciousness of nature - and find the fullness that is there for us all. 


We know committing to a backpacking trip takes a leap of faith. Reach out to us with any questions and to help you feel confident that this will be the inspiring experience you're looking for.


Reach us at

"With no prior experience, I willingly arose at 5am to follow Kimber onto rock and root littered trails in the dark, because she made it sound like an enjoyable and Zen thing to do. My faith has been rewarded 1,000 times since."

J.H., Arlington, MA

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