Therapeutic Massage

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I specialize in massage for people who want to be fully engaged in the activities that they enjoy.


Whether you enjoy hiking, running, riding, playing a musical instrument, or performing in your workspace - my goal is to provide support so that you can perform your activities to the fullest and not be limited by unnecessary soft tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia) pain, tension or injury.


I encourage a dynamic session with clear communication regarding your needs & response to treatment. In addition, I provide impressions about the session & offer home recommendations when necessary. 

I have completed COVID safety training and have implemented all recommended measures. Please ask me for more details so you can make an informed decision about massage. 

Single Session Rates                                                  

60 minutes    | $125 

75 minutes    | $140

90 minutes    | $160

120 minutes  | $200                                                                          


Earn $5 off your session by walking, biking, or running                                                                  



5 session package    | save $5 / session                                    

10 session package  | save $10 / session ​



I look forward to speaking with you to schedule your appointment | please email or phone me


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