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Misty Slopes

Green Room goes outside 2023

What happens when you put on a pack and start walking...


Trip Dates | Price

Sneak Peak 

(more details coming soon) 

Trip #1 | June 

Trip #2 | July

Trip #3 | Sept 

Trip #4 | Sept

Note: these trips will be Wed-Fri. Weekdays were chosen to minimize the human impact on the trails & maximize the experience of solitude (Stratton Mtn area is very popular on the weekends).


You're home for the weekend ready to chillax & reflect on the fact that you got out there & did something awesome.

6 participants per trip maximum

$/trip per person


Where | Features

Trails | We will be in the Stratton Pond - Stratton Mountain area of SW Vermont. We will hike portions of the stunning Long Trail & iconic Appalachian Trail. Fun fact: The Long Trail is the oldest long distance trail in the United States. 

Loop | We will hike a beautiful loop - a new experience with every step. The loop starts & ends at Stratton Pond Trail parking lot which is about 3 hrs from the Boston area. 

Views | There is a wonderful sense of accomplishment in summiting a mountain. We will summit Stratton Mountain which is the highest point on the Long Trail in southern Vermont. Additionally, we can climb the fire tower on top & take in views of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts & a whole host of epic ranges & peaks in the distance.  

Fancy Features | a pond, wooden walkways, beautiful stepping stones, bridges/creek crossings, colorful leaves, seasonal flowers, ruffly fungus - fancy stuff is everywhere out there. 

Adventure | when we go out, we leave behind the to-do lists, the screens, the feeling of having to be in charge of it all. All we have to do is walk - & notice our surroundings. We let ourselves be open & available to all the beauty, wildness & newness that is around us. You don't know exactly what it will feel like, look like, be like. We remain open & enthusiastic - it is exciting! We get to have an adventure.








SOLVITUR AMBULANDO "it is solved by walking"


Route | Itinerary | Miles | Elevation *


8am Leave Boston area to arrive at the Stratton Pond Trail parking lot by noon. Carpool with others in group or drive yourself.

Hike We will start our hike with a simple breathing/mindfulness exercise & 30min of (guided) hiking meditation. We will make our way on Stratton Pond Trail to Stratton Pond. At the pond there may be an opportunity to hang out and jump in. From there, we continue about .6 miles to the camp area.

Miles/elevation/time 4.5 miles, max 3 hrs hiking with breaks, 200 ft total elevation

Sleep at Stratton View Camping area. Option for brief guided meditation before bed.


7am Coffee/hot breakfast. At 8am simple breathing & presence exercise. 

Hike first 30min on trail is hiking meditation - we head south on The Long Trail/Appalachian Trail to summit Stratton Mtn. Option to climb fire tower at the top, take in the view and recognize how truly awesome your feet, legs, heart, lungs & will power are. Proceed on the Long Trail/Appalachian Trail south to Story Spring Shelter.

Miles/elevation/time 11 miles, approx 7-8 hrs hiking time including photos, snack breaks, climbing the fire tower, Elevation: 2300ft up, 2000ft down

Sleep Story Spring Shelter tenting area. Option for brief guided meditation before bed.


8am coffee/hot breakfast, At 9am breathing & presence exercise

Hike first 30-45min is hiking meditation walking north on The Long Trail to Stratton-Arlington Rd where we arrive by noon to our vehicles.

Miles/elevation/time 4.5 miles, 3 hrs max, 500ft. total

Sleep at home | after one of the best showers you have ever experienced, you get to sleep in your own comfy bed and enjoy a well earned sense of accomplishment. YOU GOT OUT THERE & DID THAT.

* I have an alternative route with less miles/elevation if determined to be preferable to the group



  • breakfast, coffee/tea

  • stove, group cooking/eating utensils 

  • group first aid kit

  • water filter, water purification system 

  • gear list (essentials & optional) & support in what/where to purchase or rent gear

  • training tips to prepare for hike

  • coordination of accommodations | primitive backcountry shelter or tenting

Image by Scott Goodwill

You bring

  • backpack 

  • tent 

  • sleeping bag

  • sleeping pad

  • all gear on essential gear list 

  • lunch/dinner/snacks

  • you carry your portion of "included" gear: utensils, food, water filter



"Kimber has a unique combination of physical and mental agility, warmth and compassion, and absolute passion for the natural world - all of which she brings to her many outdoor endeavors.  She is consistently well organized and safety conscious, but she also remains open to spontaneity and - always - joy.  She is a wonderful leader who makes every participant feel welcomed, challenged, and supported.  I would go on any trip she leads"!

- DaGoat, Lexington MA

"With no prior experience, I willingly arose at 5am to follow Kimber onto rock and root littered trails in the dark, because she made it sound like an enjoyable and Zen thing to do. My faith has been rewarded 1,000 times since".

- JH, Arlington, MA

"To have the opportunity to spend time with Kimber - on or off the trail - is a true gift. She is extremely knowledgeable about the mind-body-nature connection. She is also very kind and generous. I've learned many things from Kimber, including how to feel safe in the woods. This is very important to me as a woman and athlete. I know that my confidence today stems directly from the wisdom Kimber has shared over the years. She leads by example".


"I have spent a lot of time in the woods with Kimber both running and hiking. As a human she is excellent at observing the world around her and stopping to take note. As a professional, she is good at both listening and teaching and can help anyone feel at ease in new situations. Her extensive hiking experience and love for the woods creates the perfect combination for a weekend of backpacking and forest bathing."

-MLE, Sudbury, MA

"Kimber is a wonderful companion for trips long and short. I have trained for trail- based adventures with Kimber on many trails for many hours at a time, and look forward to it every time! Not only is she fun - she's patient, knowledgeable AND inspirational." 

Dana Christensen, Bend OR 

"Kimber opened my eyes to the beauty and meditative quality of trail running. Running on the trails with Kimber showed me, a long time road runner and newbie trail runner, that I don’t need earbuds, music, other distractions while running.   She taught me to tune into and appreciate what is around me. She is such an inspiration. I am so looking forward to hiking in the mountains with Kimber!”

Carolyn Tiffany, Arlington MA

"Kimber has an amazing ability to take time to notice the beauty around us on the trail, while at the same time motivating us to keep going and exploring".

C.S., Arlington MA 




I am fortunate to have grown up with a mother & an aunt who took me hiking & camping (in the west) throughout my child & young adulthood. In turn, I took my kids outside - they were sleeping in a tent before they could walk. In my adulthood, I have added trail running, walking meditation on nature trails, snow shoeing, backcountry skiing/skinning, & backpacking. Anything that gets me out and on a nature tail. I fell madly love with the trails of Vermont when I thru-hiked the Long Trail (272miles) in 2017 with my daughter. Since then I have taken any willing friend or family member out with me - or joined others on their favorite trails of New England. In addition to my experience and enthusiasm, I am CPR certified and have my Wilderness First Aid certificate. I absolutely love walking on the trail - the self-sufficiency of having everything I need in my pack & on my body - & the feeling of adventure that comes as I heighten all of my senses & know that I am part of something larger than myself. 

Get Out

& see what's happening.

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