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On the Explore trips, we will hike a 20 mile loop. Each section offering something new to notice & explore. We will be sleeping under the stars at 2 different locations along the beautiful Long Trail & iconic Appalachian Trail. During these 3 days we will experience "hiking meditation" and active movement, as well as moments to pause and recognize how fortunate we are to be outside in it all.

This trip is rated as: Fitness Level 3 | Intermediate-Experienced 



Stratton View Campsite

On Day 1 we will carry our full packs (approx25lbs) 4.5 miles/3 hrs hiking on a fairly flat trail (200ft elevation) from Stratton Pond Trail parking lot to Stratton View Campsite. When we arrive, we will set up camp and have an optional meditation before (or after) dinner on the edge of Stratton Pond. As it gets dark, you can turn on your solar lantern (provided), climb into your tent, read/journal, or listen for the local loon or geese overhead.


Summit Day

Day 2 starts at a faster pace (although always mindfully) as we pack up all of our gear to hike 11 miles (2300ft elevation up, 2000ft down). We will experience a full day on the trail (8-10hrs). This is a beautiful hike that starts on a trail that parallels the pond and includes a pond boardwalk crossing. We will summit Stratton Mtn, and climb up the fire tower to take in the views (optional) The hike includes stops & breaks along the way to: filter water, soak our feet in streams, take photos & have snack breaks. We will also have many moments of mindful hiking "Hiking meditation". We finish our hike at Story Spring Shelter tenting area where we will enjoy a hot backpacking meal and well earned trail dessert treat. Option for sunset/solar lamp guided meditation before bed. 



Ease Out

Day 3 is coffee/tea & sunrise meditation near the shelter, breakfast, and pack-up our gear for the 4.5 mile hike north on the Long Trail & Stratton-Arlington Rd. back to our vehicles. On our way home, we will stop at one of my favorite Vermont Farm Stands where you can choose from an amazing assortment of baked goods and seasonal veggies or fruit for purchase to bring home (or snack on in the car) if you want. 


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